Quinnovations - True Innovation Engineers Success on all fronts

Running a business, any business, can be an all-consuming task. We recently met a man who heads-up five. He’s one of the most ardent supporters of Liverpool’s International Business Festival and his multiple success stories demonstrate the transformational impact a major business event like ours can have.

During our research into the value of the 2018 International Business Festival, one name kept cropping up in connection to several innovative businesses in the Liverpool City Region. That name is Jonathan Quinn – inventor, entrepreneur, engineer and this year’s ‘businessman of the year’.

Initially approached to speak at our 2018 event, Jonathan has turned a 25-year career in engineering and technology into several remarkable businesses. His talent for transforming the latest manufacturing technology into innovative new companies has made him an in-demand speaker on the national stage.

But like all savvy B2B speakers, Jonathan got a lot more out of attending our event than a roomful of applauding delegates. Here, Jonathan introduces us to four of his businesses, each with a success story that ties directly to Liverpool’s biennial business event. We’ll try to be quick, Jonathan is a busy man.

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