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COVID-19 Prevention

At Quinnovation we are dedicated to the prevention of spreading and infection of COVID-19, we have numerous methods to combat this virus.

Antimicrobial Spraying Services.


Protect the Surfaces of your Home or Workplace from Germs with our Quinnovations Antimicrobial Coating Once chemically bonded, the surface coating cannot be easily removed after routine cleaning and housekeeping procedures including the regular use of alcohol or alkaline-based detergents.
Therefore, once bonded to the treated surface, this semi-permanent antimicrobial surface coating will provide consistent, residual protection against 99% of all known pathogens and deliver a 99.99% or 4 log reductions in their numbers 24/7 for a minimum of 90 days surface antimicrobial protection

Antimicrobial Coating Service.


• Kills pathogens and inactivates viruses 24/7
• Can be coated on any surface
• Coating last a minimum of 180 days or your money back
• Safe for humans and pets
• Does not involve leaching technology or heavy metals
• No chemical interaction with microbes⁠; Prevents “superbug” mutation.



The inline cleaner working a with Cleanaire in the USA to develop an Inline air purification system for workplace home and transport buses etc
The device was developed and created to kill all airborne particles and viruses (including COVID-19).

The device:

• Offers safe airborne protection (breath easy whilst having peace of mind)
• Is individually serialised
• Does not increase ambient temperatures.

Why Cleancaire?

Competing Ozone Technologies have 2 technological problems:

1. Ensuring a rapid intimate contact between virus and ozone
2. How to remove ozone from a confined space so no damage to human life occurs.

Cleancaire is different from all other ozone devices because it overcomes both these major hurdles.
Ozone is created and destroyed internally to the unit, therefore humans can continually occupy the same room while the unit is running.

How it works:

1. Blower brings in ambient air and airborne viruses
2. Air passes through high-intensity ceramic ozone concentrator
3. Air/ozone/viruses pass through diffusion catalyst to ensure intimate contact of ozone to virus and begin the destruction of the virus
4. Air/ozone/viruses pass through dense stainless honeycomb structure, that is coated in a propriety nano-catalyst that ensures complete pathogen destruction
5. The last stage of the process is a unit that is an ozone destruction catalyst that converts any remaining ozone back to oxygen